Granite Countertop Installation Brings Beauty and Functionality to Your Kitchen

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Granite: a Stone to Make Grown Men Tremble

You've seen him a hundred times. He's one of the biggest and burliest handymen on TV and he's created a tough-guy persona. But when he starts talking about granite countertop installation he becomes almost tender. Clearly he is a man who respects quality stone and knows how it can enhance a kitchen, bringing beauty, functionality and value. Although it's hard to imagine him cooking up a storm in the kitchen, when he was finished describing the advantages of granite countertops, you could see him putting down his drill and doing some skillful food prep.
Granite is the stone of choice for more than just TV renovators. Homeowners wishing to build class and equityinto their kitchen are attracted to its qualities. It is a truly beautiful stone and each piece is one of a kind. Your countertop will have no equal – or match – in any other home. The colour classifications are wide-ranging and can match any decor scheme. From black to stone with a colour like rose, or even copper and gold, granite has accents and striations sliver that catch the light from windows and lamps.

More Than Just a Pretty Face – Granite is Also Tough

That tough-guy handyman appreciates beauty but you can bet he's also enamored of granite's legendary durability. Its heat and fire-resistance properties make it ideal for kitchen use. It won't be damaged or discoloured by a hot pot. Granite doesn't scratch easily and can be used as a cutting board. Foreign substances won't penetrate its impermeable surface and it is easy to clean.
It does require cleaning. The rougher surface can collect spills and it is recommended that a sealant be used for protection. Sealants can also help protect the stone from harsh cleaning materials and it is recommended that sealing – a quick job – be done annually.

Where the Smart Tough Guys Shop

So where would the intelligent home renovator find his granite? There are many dealers in the marketplace but, just as not all granite is created equal, neither are the dealers. Getting the right granite for your home is not just a matter of going to a big box store and dragging home a box of tiles, or a large piece of stone. Visit a showroom with a large selection, and look at the samples on display. If possible, see the stone in as large a form as possible to get a true idea of its ultimate colour.
And again, seek out a specialist. Granite is not cheap and you should be prepared to spend a bit more to get extra in the way of quality and expert installation. Find a dealer with a track record in the business and approach the salesman with questions prepared. A good dealer will appreciate your interest in the product and jump at the chance to share their knowledge.
You don't have to be a celebrity handyman to endorse granite counter installation. It's an easy stone to love – and even easier to live with.